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Hand-crafted beers including regular favorites and singularly unique seasonals.
up to 16 beers on tap!

*individual 4oz “tasters” $2/ea  *Flight of 4  $8 *Flight of 8  $16   *Flight of all 16 $32

Pints $8, 10oz Specialty/High ABV $8  

limit: one 4 oz taster of each beer  OR one full serving per person. – I know, very sad. NH Law.

Pick some favorites in growlers to go! *buy a 32oz refillable growler bottle for $6/ea *fill for $9-$11 ea  *enjoy, clean well, refill!



1 Enlightened Peasant     $11/32oz growler fill 

Bavarian Farmhouse Ale          7.3%    24 IBU       5 SRM  

A little known, old Bavarian peasant beer, this DampfBier is distinguished by a unique fermentation of a barley beer using a traditional Southern German wheat beer yeast. A refreshingly spicy and delightfully complex ale brings the pallet on a journey deep into the mysterious and ancient Black Forest of fairy tale fame. Neighborhood Brewing Co’s own Brew-Wizard Joe Berwanger offered up some great tips to help make my version of his ground breaking “Boss Flamingo” style beer even more intriguing!

Cranberry Sauce       $12/32oz growler fill 

Strong Cranberry Porter      8.4% ABV 25 IBU 32 SRM      

As the holidays threaten the perennial onslaught of family, there are those times when you just have to “hit the sauce”!  Twelve pounds of home-made cranberry puree complements the undertones of fruity dark malts to make this late autumn, big American Porter a great excuse to be Thankful!!


3 Pub Light     $11/32oz growler fill 

British Pub Session  Ale            4.6% ABV    12 IBU     5 SRM

 A guy walks into a British Pub and says “A pint of Bitter please” And then a short time later says it again. . . and again.  . . and again. This is the kind of simple, easy drinking malty thirst-quencher and tongue loosener that builds Empires in corner pubs and inspires British accents all over the world! AND it is only 190 calories/pint!   Don’t worry!  We know you’re on your way.  We’ll leave the “Pub Light” on for you!


4 Long Winter’s Nap   $18/32oz growler fill

Whiskey Oaked Imperial Stout  10% ABV  70 IBU 41 SRM                                 

When the Children are nestled all snug in their beds and the fireplace blazes bright, it’s time for this deep rich brew to round out the night. With Mamma in her kerchief and you with your spiced stout night cap, you’re ready to settle down for a Long Winter’s Nap.


5 Blitzen      $15/32oz growler fill    

Fireball Whiskey Oak aged Barley Wine    10.6% ABV  46IBU  25 SRM

Hop in your sleigh and hold on tight! Blitzen is gunna take you for a wild winter’s ride! To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall! Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!

6 Immense Intense Phat Alpha     $13/32oz growler fill 

Imperial India Pale Ale                8.0% ABV    111 IBU    9 SRM                            

Decadent alpha acids, bodacious ABV, libidinous hops flavor and lascivious hops aroma abound as Citra, Amarrillo, Apollo and Mosaic bare all, making this sassy whirlpool and dry hopped East Coast Double IPA irresistibly compelling! Why just have a repressed IPA when you can get SEXY PHAT?!

7 Coddiwomple         $10/32oz growler fill    

British Dark Mild with English Toffee     4.2% ABV    22 IBU    15 SRM                                

Not all those who wander are not lost!  Coddiwomple: “Wandering intently, going no where in particular”.  A Dark Mild is an easy drinking historic British Countryman’s beer brewed with English Toffee and full of English flavor; a brilliant companion on your next Coddiwomple!

Canterbury Ale     $11/32oz growler fill  

American Pale Ale     5.5% ABV    38 IBU    8 SRM          

Journey into Poetic balance.  

"Now that I’ve drunk a draught of quern-ripe ale,

By God it stands to reason I can strike

On some good story that you will all like!"

The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer

Citrusy cascade hops and crisp subdued malt destine this golden all American Pale Ale to become a refreshing home-town classic!


1 (almost)All OUT!  :-(   Dinna Fash               $12/32oz growler fill

Wee Heavy/Fraoch Scotch Ale        8.4% ABV 19 IBU 24 SRM

The Campbells and the McDonalds would even call a truce to share a pint of this old fashioned malty Fraoch style Gruit ale that employs age old temperature dependent brewing techniques using fresh mountain harvested spruce tips and heather. Don’t worry yourself!  Dinna Fash Yersel!  Lang may yer lum reek! (long may your chimney smoke) Especially important in a Highland winter or if you brew beer with a wood fired boiler! Slainte!

2 Old Darn Bard     $11/32oz growler fill  

British Brown Ale           4.5% ABV 25 IBU 18 SRM

Happy 91st birthday Dudley Laufman! 

Telli’n stories and spinnin’ a joke.  Weaving rhymes with honest folk. Dusty bow sawin’ a chune, by the light of smiles dancing under the full moon. The Old Darn Bard with his tomes of Bull, keeps hearts and glasses ever full! 

Whether in the din of a smoky English pub or at the next floor bouncin’ kitchen junket,Old Darn Bard goes down as easy as the conversation and as smooth as horse hair on a fiddle string!

3 Big Ben     $11/32oz growler fill 

Extra Special Bitter (British pale ale)     6.4% ABV   35 IBU   15 SRM   

A great British Bitter is one of the gold standards that beers around the world are gauged. Of course “Bitter” doesn’t really mean bitter.  This is a robust, complex yet quaffable pale ale that is so Brilliantly British, you’ll want to set your clock back to "beer thirty" just so you can enjoy one more!


4 Saturnalia     $15/32oz growler fill

Belgian Tripel Saison  Bourbon Oaked with Pomegranate      10.7% ABV    29 IBU    32 SRM

Hades burst through a dark crack in the earth and snatched Persephone to be his queen of the underworld. Persephone was not allowed to return to the world above until her mother Demeter prevented all plants from growing. But Persephone had consumed some pomegranate seeds and having eaten food from the dark realm she still could not leave. Zeus then decreed that Persephone would spend some months in the underworld while life would wither and the rest of the year above while life would thrive. Saturnalia is the ancient solstice carnival embracing the snatching of life and light by the dark. Born of this mischievous, soul searching season this mythic brew will accompany your dark ponderings deep into the Winter’s night. 

5 Galaxius Maximus       $15/32oz growler fill  

 NEIPA           5.8%   40 IBU 6 SRM           

Juicy, Hazy and out of this world big, smooth Galaxy Hops flavor! “I’m givin’ her all she’s got Captain!” Galaxy Hoped first wort for bitterness and flavor. Late kettle hop stand for flavor.  Primary Fermentation dry hopped. Secondary fermentation dry hopped. And rocket hopped from fermentor to keg!


6  (almost)All OUT!  :-(   Black and Wit          $11/32oz growler fill 

Dark Belgian WitBier         6.2% ABV   29 IBU   33 SRM        

When beer style guidelines are blurred and what was once black and white is 50 shades of grey, a whole new world of possibility enters the frey.  Unexpectedly, a light, complex Belgian Wit is born into a rich, dark caramel body, and all the rules change!  Explore your boundaries! Life is not all Black and Wit!

7 Scrum     $12/32oz growler fill  

Rugged Brown Ale                7.4%ABV    37 IBU          24 SRM                          

Flex the muscles in your liquid grain storage unit and get down in the tight five for a Scrum!  Plenty of malty muscle 

smacks of elegance thanks to the “flankers and 8-man” hops additions of Challenger and Tetnanger. When less than 

rugged is just not enough, dig deep into a Scrum!

8 Granite Ledge Stout     $12/32oz growler fill                           

Espresso-Oatmeal Stout          6.0% ABV     29 IBU      40 SRM

Canterbury’s own Granite Ledge Coffee, Oats and Beer!  The perfect breakfast drink! A judicious dose of African espresso complements the dark roasty malts of this silky smooth oatmeal stout.  

Come Tour the Brewery!

Contact me to make arrangements for a two hour private tasting and tour! $150 minimum purchase. 

Check out our facebook page!

We do not serve food 

Although we do have FREE POPCORN!

and Fox's Smoked Peanuts $1.50

BYO snacks is great!

Fox Country Smoke House is just around the corner and they have some great snacks like smoked nuts, cheese and jerky!

Once, someone even brought fresh oysters!!

Had a great experience? PLEASE spread “The Good Word”!

*Tell your friends and bring them next visit!

*Like us on facebook 

*Give us a great review on Yelp, facebook, Google and Trip Advisor

*If it wasn’t great, PLEASE let ME know! Let’s make it great together!

*Questions? Ask-away!     

Want Swag?     Wanna' give a gift?

$10 “Ale Assets” give like gift certificates, use like cash!

Hoodies! $40

T-Shirts! $20

Trucker Hats! $20

Baseball Hats! $20

Pint Mug $8

Pint Tumbler $5

Taster Glass $4

Coasters! $1.50

Stickers! $1

Stroll through The HOPS YARD

Explore the grounds and check out the hops yard! Grown using organic/biodynamic/nutrient-dense practices.
There are 11 varieties in the hops  yard: Cascade, Centennial,  
Chinook, Zeus, Newport, Fuggle, 

Goldings, Magnum, Tettnanger, 

Hallertau, and Perle.

If you are aware of hops growing wild by old foundations or on old farms, please let me know so I can plant them, grow them out, and test them for brewing qualities.

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